After Tooth Extractions

A dental extraction can be a simple, or a surgical procedure. Those who have had a tooth extracted by our dentist, Dr. Mehdi Vandi, can have an easier recovery by following these guidelines:

  • Follow the regimen for your prescription medications for pain management and to prevent infection
  • Place gauze over extraction site for at least the first 24 hours, or until bleeding stops
  • Replace the gauze as needed and keep your head elevated to reduce blood flow
  • Eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, fruits, ice cream, soup, pudding, and other “easy” foods
  • Avoid using straws, smoking or any other sucking motions. This preserve blood clot in the socket which will protect the surgical site

After Dental Implant Surgery

We recommend the following care instructions for those who have had dental implant surgery at our practice:

  • Bite down on gauze pads and replace them every 30-45 or as needed
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene throughout the healing period, even if your mouth feels sore, as it is crucial to ensuring the health of your implant
  • You should also use an extra-soft toothbrush and implant-specific floss
  • Stick to a diet of soft foods for the first few days following your implant placement
  • Take all medicines for pain and infection control as prescribed by the dentist

Please contact Mehdi Vandi, DDS at 408-409-1700 to address any concerns or questions regarding our care instructions for oral surgery in Campbell, California.