Periodontal disease has multiple symptoms, ranging from bleeding gums in mild cases to gum recession in more serious conditions. Gum recession is especially dangerous to your oral health, because it creates open gums or pockets around your teeth. This condition increases your risk for infection, tooth decay and other health complications. At Mehdi Vandi, DDS, we work to prevent gum recession and provide various treatments for this condition. You may benefit from soft tissue grafting, osseous surgery, or even the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

Our dentist in Campbell, California, accurately diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment for you with an exam and a consultation. Keep in mind that proper oral hygiene and regular visits to our office can help prevent the discomfort and treatments associated with gum recession. Symptoms of gum recession include teeth that appear longer, exposed tooth roots, bleeding gums, increased sensitivity and persistent bad breath. Some of the causes of gum recession, include of tobacco products, periodontal disease, over-aggressive brushing, and poor oral hygiene. Contact our office today if you believe that your gums are receding, and we will schedule your visit as soon as possible.