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What Are Dental Veneers And How Do They Benefit Dental Patients?

In terms of an excellent solution that is used to help patients achieve better outward appearance, dental veneers are a great choice. They work effectively to remedy chipped teeth, poorly shaped teeth or even the gaps between teeth. In essence, a veneer or dental veneer is nothing more than a thin cover that is permanently …

Bone Grafting in Dentistry And When It Is Necessary

Bone grafting is an innovative and unique way of correcting deficiencies in bone mass and bone density in areas throughout the jawbone. The procedure is most frequently seen in relation to dental implant surgery. That said it is important to note that not all dental implant procedures demand that bone grafting be performed. Only when …

How To Solve The Problem Of Loose Dentures

It comes as little surprise that many people today experience loose dentures and that the problem is more common than most might imagine. Loose dentures are most pronounced in those who have a full or complete denture set and especially for those who have worn their dentures for an extended length of time. There are …

When Is Cosmetic Dentistry Required?

Discussing cosmetic dentistry can help patients better understand when this type of dental treatment is required and most useful. From major dental work and repairs to subtle dental changes, a dental care provider can offer a variety of procedures focused on cosmetic dentistry. They are typically all intended to improve a patient’s smile and outward …

Understanding Root Canal Therapy And Its Benefits

In most cases root canal therapy is intended to repair and save a tooth that has become infected at its most inner core. The procedure involves removal of the nerve and pulp of the tooth as a way to save the natural tooth rather than extracting it. Further, It should be noted that the nerve …

What Benefits Can I Expect From Dental Implants?

Technologically advanced dental implant treatment has been around for some time. It offers a smart alternative to other types of treatments especially as a way to replace missing teeth. Most importantly, dental implant surgery ultimately helps to preserve jaw bone mass and density for patients. For example, simply extracting a tooth andnot replacing that tooth …

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

In basic terms, a full mouth reconstruction involves your dental care provider removing all old dental work including fillings, crowns and even porcelain veneers. Once this has been accomplished a whole new array of dental work designed to improve dental health and visual appearance is then placed. The treatment is considered highly effective because it …

Understanding the Different Types of Anesthesia Used in Dental Procedures

If you have an oral surgery planned, ensure that you have a full grasp on the side effects, applications, and expected results of the anesthesia options available to you. Here’s an overview to help you feel comfortable in your choice Over the past several hundred years, the dental and medical field has made significant advances …

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