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Dental Implant Options Worth Considering

Dental Implant Options Worth ConsideringDental implant technology is state-of-the-art and cutting edge today. This is a simply fact and as such there are multiple dental implant options for those who have lost teeth due to disease or injury. Modern dental care providers use the best available implants to ensure the highest degree of success and the greatest likelihood that implants will last en entire lifetime. One option in use today when it comes to dental implants is the single implant tooth crown. This type of implant uses perfect color matching to give patients a very natural finished result every time.

Implant Bridged Teeth

Implant Bridged TeethConversely, where a patient has several missing teeth, multiple dental implants can be incorporated as a way to avoid having a bridge or multiple bridges placed. That said there are cases where dental implants can also be used to create what are known as implant bridged teeth. This means that less implants can support multiple teeth and thereby reduce cost to the patient. Whether it is full arch replacement or similar procedures, one thing is sure and that is that dental implants can serve many purposes in attempting to help patients enjoy a more normal way of life.

Procedures Associated With Dental Implant Placement

Procedures Associated With Dental Implant Placement

Other options with regard to dental implant technology include the full arch acrylic denture on fixed implant teeth and similar implant retained dentures. Best of all the procedures associated with dental implant placement have become so good and so efficient that the time, cost and discomfort related to the procedure have all been reduced substantially. With so much to offer it is clear to see why dental implants are so popular today. Full porcelain fixed implant teeth are particularly well received today thanks to their remarkable natural look and feel. Contact your Campbell dentist, Dr, Vandi today to learn more about all your dental implant options.


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