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Knowing The Dangers of Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a serious type of gum disease that simply cannot be overlooked. When left untreated this disease can advance and eventuallyKnowing The Dangers of Periodontitis lead to tooth loss as well as other health related issues. Keep in mind that advanced stages of periodontitis began as gingivitis [1]. This is simply a milder degree of what is commonly referred to as periodontal disease. The disease progresses by causing the gums to become red, swollen and to a point where they will eventually bleed rather easily. While there is virtually no pain at this stage, and the damage is already being done.

Professional Treatment

In most cases gingivitis begins by a lack of oral hygiene. The good news is that this disease is fully reversible if caught early enough. This is especially true when professional treatment combined with good dental home care is administered as soon as possible [2]. Gingivitis can begin for a number of reasons. This includes everything from genetically related disposition to diabetes, diet, smoking and aging. Even stress, poor nutrition and fluctuations in hormones as well as pregnancy and substance abuse can all contribute to the onset of gingivitis. As mentioned, when gingivitis goes untreated it eventually becomes periodontitis. As the disease progresses, plaque will eventually spread and move below the gum line.Destruction of Tissue

Destruction of Tissue

Bacteria produce toxins that will over time irritate the patient’s gums. The end result is something known as chronic inflammatory response. This ultimate results in bone and tissue that normally support teeth to become weak, diseased and broken down. This destruction of tissue will eventually result in gums separating from the teeth. This ultimately causes pockets to form that will promote further bacterial growth and infection. Once the disease progresses the pockets will become deeper and more pronounced ultimately resulting in even more tissue destruction. Eventually tooth loss results. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular oral hygiene is the best antidote [3]. Contact your Campbell dental care provider, Dr. Vandi today to learn more.

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