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The Advantages of Dental Implants

With so much talk about dental implants today it is worth considering the advantages of dental implants and this type of dental technology offers. ForThe Advantages of Dental Implants example, one of the most obvious reasons to consider dental implants is that it simply improves appearance. Dental implants produce remarkable results in that they look and feel just like the patient’s own natural teeth. Best of all, they are intended to fuse with bone so that they become very permanent in nature. As an added advantage, implants also improve speech [1].

Sliding Dentures Can Make Eating Difficult

Sliding Dentures Can Make Eating DifficultKeep in mind that poorly fitted dentures often slip and cause an individual to mumble or slur words. Implants allow an individual to speak with confidence. Another great benefit of implants is that they help to improve overall comfort for the patient. With dental implants it is no longer necessary to constantly remove dentures because of discomfort. They also offer ease of eating. Denture wearers know all too well that sliding dentures can make eating difficult. Because implants are like natural teeth, they allow an individual to eat their favorite foods without concern for pain or lack of confidence [2].

Natural Teeth are Left Intact

Natural Teeth are Left Intact

Finally, dental implants improve self-esteem overall. They allow you to enjoy a natural smile and help you feel good about yourself each and every day. As a side note, implants are highly regarded because they do not necessitate the need to reduce or modify other surrounding teeth, as would be the case with tooth-supported bridges. As a result, natural teeth are left intact improving overall long-term dental health. Dental implants are durable, convenient and long lasting. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this type of tooth replacement technology has become so popular [3]. Contact your dentist in Campbell, CA, Dr. Vandi today to learn more.

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