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How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

While every patient’s case is unique and different, most typical root canal treatments can be done quickly and effectively with virtually noHow Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take? pain. Most importantly, root canal treatment can help to prevent the need for more aggressive surgical removal of a tooth. The procedure itself involves treating an infection that is located within the tooth and inside the root canal. An infection in this part of the tooth can ultimately result in very painful symptoms that become ongoing and chronic overtime [1]. This is because there are many nerve endings located within the dental pulp and root of a tooth.

Simple Tooth Filling

Simple Tooth FillingWhen receiving root canal therapy, the infected matter within the tooth is effectively removed. Then a series of procedures are performed to prevent infection from recurring within the tooth. The good news is that root canal therapy produces very little discomfort especially with the use of mild sedatives such as nitrous oxide. Many patients compare root canal treatment to a simple tooth filling. Once the infected material within the tooth has been removed from the root canal, patients are then able to eat without any excessive sensitivity or discomfort [2].A Detailed Examination Will Be Conducted

A Detailed Examination Will Be Conducted

The key to understanding root canal therapy is that it effectively removes the infected nerve and pulp and will eliminate tooth pain within the infected tooth. This type of endodontic treatment is highly successful, reliable and dependable. Talking with your endodontic care provider about root canal treatment is typically the first place to begin. Following an initial consultation a detailed examination will be conducted in order to determine the best course of action [3]. Contact your Campbell dentist, Dr. Vandi today to learn more about root canal treatment and all that it makes possible.

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