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If you have a bad habit of forgetting to brush your teeth twice each day or you frequently forget to floss, the bacterial deposits in your mouth could start to contribute to tooth decay. Without timely professional treatment the growing cavity could continue to expand, compromising a significant amount of previously healthy tooth enamel.


If you have noticed a change in one of your teeth it’s best to have it examined as soon as possible by a dentist like Dr. Mehdi Vandi. After assessing the severity of the tooth decay he will present you with an effective treatment plan.  


If the affected tooth has lost a significant amount of healthy tooth enamel, he might recommend a dental crown restoration. The two-stage treatment process will eventually replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another durable material.


The dental crown will need to be produced in a dental lab. When it’s ready you will need to return to Mehdi Vandi, DDS to have it cemented onto the remaining core structure of the tooth.


In the future, you might want to apply increased focus in your daily oral hygiene routine, as well as making sure that all of your oral care products have been approved by the American Dental Association.


If you live in the Campbell, California, area and you have noticed a change with one of your teeth, you should call 408-409-1700 to have it examined and treated at Mehdi Vandi, DDS.