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Getting dentures is a big life change, and our dentist team is happy to answer any questions you have about these dental appliances.

How will my dentures feel?
Dentures can take some getting used to and may feel loose and sore until your oral muscles adjust to the appliance. During this time, some patients also experience increased saliva flow.

Will my speech be affected?
Dentures can make some words harder to pronounce for a while, but speaking aloud as you practice should help. However, if you continue to have a hard time speaking or feel your dentures “click,” come see our dentist. You may need to bite down on your dentures when swallowing to keep them in place.

Can dentures change my appearance?
Designed to appear as natural teeth, dentures can change the look of your smile, but won’t affect your overall appearance significantly.

Do dentures make it harder to eat?
Some foods may be difficult to eat with dentures at first, and you may need to start by taking small bites of soft foods, chewing with both sides of your mouth. Foods to avoid with dentures include chewing gum; bones; and hard, hot or sticky food.

How often should I wear my dentures?
Our dentist will determine if you need to wear your dentures day and night, even during sleep. Once your dentures are fully adjusted and feel like natural teeth, you shouldn’t need to wear them all the time.

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