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What are you familiar with about wisdom teeth? Are you familiar with their other name? Do you have any? Find out all about wisdom teeth by reviewing this post we’ve put together, and note any additional queries you have about wisdom teeth and ask them to us at your next appointment in our office.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are any of the four third molars located in an adult set of pearly whites. Wisdom teeth are the last pearly whites in the dental arches, and a few people don’t have all four or even any of the wisdom teeth form in their oral cavity. In less than common cases, an individual can evolve more than four wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth can become impacted underneath the gum tissue, they aren’t always visible, and people with them might not realize they have them; it may take a dental practitioner to identify whether or not you have wisdom teeth. If you do have wisdom teeth and they are hurting you, your dentist may suggest pulling them.

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