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What Benefits Can I Expect From Dental Implants?

Technologically advanced dental implant treatment has been around for some time. It offers a smart alternative to other types of treatments especially as a way to replacedental implant treatment missing teeth. Most importantly, dental implant surgery ultimately helps to preserve jaw bone mass and density for patients. For example, simply extracting a tooth andnot replacing that tooth can eventually cause the jawbone to atrophy and to be partially re-absorbed by the body. When dental implants are placed, they help to preserve jawbone integrity, mass and density. Here are a few benefits associated with today’s modern dental implants.


Last A Lifetime

For example, dental implants are highly favorable simply because they are the next best thing to the patient’s own natural healthy teeth. They are strong, stable and help to restore oral functionality while at the same time looking great and feeling like real teeth. In addition, implants offer a Last a Lifetimelong-term dental solution for patients. Tooth supported bridges may only last 7 to 10 years, as such they will eventually need to be replaced. Implants when properly cared for can last a lifetime. Dental implants are particularly favorable because they help improve a patient’s personal self-esteem and self-confidence.


Lack Of Stimulation

Most importantly, implants are instrumental in good dental care because they can prevent changes in the shape of the patient’s natural facial structure. For example, when teeth are lost and no replacement is offered, the end result can be a face that sags or appears sunken and sad. Implants allow patients to retain their natural face shape and original smile. As an added bonus, implants protect healthy bone by preventing Eat Favorite Foodsbone loss and deterioration. When tooth roots are missing from the jawbone and not replaced, bone loss often progresses because there is a lack of stimulation for the natural bone already present.


Eat Favorite Foods

Another important advantage of implants is that they are treated as your own natural teeth and are not removed each night, as is the case with dentures or bridgework.Patients are able to eat their favorite foods without hesitation when dental implants have been perfectly placed, such as full mouth reconstruction cases when compared to full jaw dentures. With a dental implant derived natural bite, it is possible to eat anything that is normally enjoyed with one’s natural teeth. Implants are also preferred because they allow patients to enjoy the taste of their food as compared to when wearing a full plate denture.


Fuse With Natural Bone

Fuse With Natural Bone

Finally, dental implant final restoration crowns will never get cavities. While dentures can slip and shift, dental implants are permanent in nature and as such will not move or shift when eating, smiling, laughing or kissing. They are highly desirable because they eventually fuse with natural bone making for a strong, long-lasting and reliable dental care solution. With a proven track record of reliability, dental implants are considered highly predictable and enjoy an impressive rate of success with patients of all ages. Contact Dr. Vandi’s dental office, your San Jose and Campbell dental care provider to learn more about this smart and effective dental solution.